Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Pelting pebbles in Pembrokeshire

Sitting on a beach in Pembrokeshire in glorious sunshine is a rare but beautiful thing. A family had set up their own version of a coconut shy using the large smooth pebbles piled up on a rock shelf and were loudly pelting the piles with more pebbles. The son who was around 10 kept repeating "I seem to have an obsession with this." 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Welsh pony

A week in Wales with dry weather..and warm sunshine. There is a certain time in the early evening when all the ponies have just been fed, they run out into the field and all face the same way.
Painted really quickly in the break between breakfast and lunch. Thinking about the menu for dinner.

Beach fog

Woke up to a thick sea fog. Left all four children reading or revising. The beach was empty save for the beach cleaner who drove up in his tractor, parked just next to me and came to view my sketch which he approved. He drove off and returned after half an hour, the fog was beginning to clear.